The Perfect Winter Cottage Break – Not Just Nights in Front of the Fireplace.


Picture this – you and that special someone are sitting on a comfortable and warm rug or blanket, the fireplace is crackling nicely and you’re enjoying a beautiful selection of wine and cheese with that special someone – perfect. Of Course, however, this isn’t going to be the only way you are likely to spend your cottage getaway, so here are some ideas to get the most out of your getaway.



Outdoor spa

You’re looking outside and thinking that I’m crazy for suggesting this – but keep reading. Although you will certainly feel the cold when you first leave the cottage, as soon as you both relax into a nice bubbling spa outdoors the cold will become a distant memory. Take a bottle of champagne, a couple of glasses, get close and giggle away those winter blues.


Yes, you read right – hiking. While you may be conjuring up visions of you both striding up a mountain top it might be best to think smaller. Find a small and local trail where you can stroll at your own leisure and chat about the lighter things in life. While it can be a turn-off for many travelers, the key to a good hike in the cold is the right clothes. If it’s been awhile since you went hiking, look for clothes made from material designed for the purpose. There are a number of Groupon coupons for stores like Sierra Trading Post that offer clothes made from materials that can keep you dry and comfortable as you hike. If you just head out in your regular gear you’re likely to get sweaty and that’s never a very romantic look.

Take a Tour

If your cottage getaway is far away from home, think of it as an exploring experience as much as a relaxing one. Speak with your concierge or online reviews and see what the local towns have to offer. Often nestled close to wine country, there might just be a wine tour that interests you both, helping to keep you warm during the cold.

Picnic by the Fireplace

I know that I said it wouldn’t be the only thing that you’re going to do, but let’s be honest, it’s certainly the most popular activity during a winter cottage getaway. To make it the perfect event, take along a selection of each other’s favorite chocolates and cheese, along with a couple of bottles of wine. While it may seem contradictory, take along a few DVDs with you that you can both enjoy – a nice selection between romance and silly comedies can be just the escape you’re both looking for.

No matter what you do during your cottage getaway, just being away from home in a cottage environment is going to be just what you need, to don’t let the cold weather stop you!

Travelling With Art

Travelling With Art

The recent news of the publishing of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s travel journals spanning 60 years of life and adventure has had many people looking to document their own lives, according to this article in The Guardian.  One of the only connections to the realities of the Beat generation – the group of poets and artists renowned for their attitude and outlook – his works will cover the period from 1950 to 2013 and explore his trips to Cuba under Castro, Africa, Mexico and Haiti, to Soviet Russia, Spain under Franco plus Nicaragua, Italy and France.


Writing Across the Landscape

In these travel journals, one of a growing number of contributions to the genre, his political inclinations and experiences are covered in detail. Descriptions of other famous Beat poets and artists offer portraits of people in new lights, providing insights that have never before been seen publicly. Of these, Ferlinghetti’s encounters with Pablo Neruda and Ezra Pound are perhaps two of the most famous. Not only does the travel journal cover his previously published works but also the out of print books ‘The Mexican Night’ and ‘Seven Days in Nicaragua Libre’.

Recording Travels

Journals are just one way of recording adventures and you don’t need to be going overseas. There are plenty of adventures to be had here in the UK with exciting scenes to commemorate. Other options include photography, sketchbooks, watercolours and many more besides. Capturing a moment in time to remember forever is an important part of travelling. Everyone wants to have pictures or references to look back at later, whether to be shared with friends and family to retell the stories, or for public sharing on a blog or website.

Packing Properly

When travelling with art in mind, it is important to have the right supplies available without over-packing or sacrificing important clothing capacity in the suitcase. Depending on the means of transport, the packing restrictions can vary – for instance, the regulations governing liquids in flights might prohibit the carrying of tubes of paint or thinners, whereas people travelling by road don’t have such limitations. Art supplies can generally be streamlined into a compact set rather than needing to take the full range of kit. Alternatively, a number of travel art sets are available on the market catering to the mobile artist, often encased in a handy folder or box design. To explore a range of these, follow the link to Jacksons Art at

What Is Essential?

Rather than taking all colours, try to condense paints into a limited range. Firstly, a wide palette can be created with five or six basic shades by mixing the secondary colours like green and orange. In addition, many people find that using limited colour range makes for harmonious compositions, too, changing their stylistic approach. Likewise, take a small number of flexibly sized brushes rather than ones which are specifically suited to individual roles. Consider the size of the sketchbook or canvases which will be used – that might also change the requirements of kit needed. Choosing items which are multifunctional can also be a big help. For example, things like matte gels can be used as sealant, glues and waterproofing fluids for coloured pencils; newspapers can pack delicate items and cover working areas; a travel iron will not only help with keeping clothing smart but can also dry watercolours, set glue, melt beeswax and smooth out papers which have been creased or folded.



Image attributed to: / David Castillo Dominici


How to Sell Your Home On Your Own

How to Sell Your Home On Your Own

When you’re looking to sell your home, why pay heaps of money for a real estate agent when you could just as easily go through the process yourself? If you’re willing to put in the time to research and prepare yourself, you can sell your home with little stress and lots of money saved. You can sell your house fast in Australia or anywhere else; click here for more info! And make sure to follow this list of tips to sell your home on your own:


Time the Sale

There are certain times of year that are better to sell your home than others, so it’s important to learn about this before you just go for it. Studies have shown that the week after the Superbowl is the best time to list your home (in America, at least!) And keep in mind that if you’re trying to sell a family-sized home, you probably won’t have much luck if you try to do it just after school starts. Most families don’t want to put their kids through the stress of a move and the start of a new school year. And think about the weather! What season will put your home in the best light?

Prepare Your Home

Hire a professional cleaning service to take care of all the spots you might miss when cleaning your home. An appraiser is going to notice every little thing, so you might as well put in the time and effort to get every nook and cranny sparkling. Get rid of any furniture or clutter that makes your home look disorganized. You’ll be glad later when you’ve taken the first steps towards packing up, anyway. Sell and donate any items you don’t need anymore, or have a garage sale.

Get a Home Inspection

Since most real estate contracts will let the buyer have your home inspected, get it done first so you can take care of any potential problems that might arise! Make sure all major appliances, heating and cooling units, and kitchen appliances are working properly. Get your roof and foundation inspected as well. If some of your appliances are out of date or about to break, just get them replaced. Make the investment now and you will sell your home for a much higher price in the long run.

The Open House

The best way to sell your home is to get it plenty of exposure, so focus on how you can get the word out. You might want to place ads in the local newpaper, post fliers and spread the news by word-of-mouth to neighbors. And of course, don’t forget that For Sale sign! You could also choose to make the investment to post your home up on Internet sites. Check out the site before you post, and see if many homes on there haven’t been updated in a while. If this is the case, you probably don’t want to post here. Post on a site with a higher turnover of real estate, because otherwise the buyers will become frustrated and leave.

Visiting the UK – Your Choice for Football

Visiting the UK – Your Choice for Football

Upon planning your trip to the UK, for football championship games, it is important that you find a trustful choice, for all your accommodations needs when you are visiting. Due to the fact that there is more than one place to stay, various teams and games you want to see, and different things to keep in mind, Peak District is a great choice when you are planning your stay, and want to be near all of the action, when it is time for you to book your stay.


Hotel accommodations 

Not only will you find a variety of places to stay in Peak District, you can also find one that suites your budget when staying. From small cottages, to larger hotel rooms, or small inns, all providing a number of prices for different rooms, based on your travel needs, and what you can spend. It is a good idea to find out what nearby attractions are around; from the Alton Tower, to Ghost Trails, the destination provides much for the traveler to do; in addition to attending your Man United games, you have more to do, based on where you stay during your trip.

Modes of transport 

It is also important that you map out your trip prior to coming, so that you do not miss any attractions, and to ensure you are not late to any of the games you will attend. Buses, trains, and taxi, are a few options; it is also a good idea to consider a car hire, if you are going to be doing other tourist attractions, in addition to going to the games. Booking early, or calling earlier for your public transport, is the best way to ensure you are going to get to where you want to go on time, and also to ensure you are not going to miss out on seeing any of the sites you want to see, when you are visiting the UK for your games, as well as for the other attractions and events you want to do, while you are in the area.

Backpacking & other events –

The Peak District also offers many great mountain tops, and other fine sites to see; when you are there, it is best that you visit in groups, and find out what options they offer, in terms of travel packages. Not only will this allow you to save on the cost of your trip, it is also going to allow you to visit all the sites you want to see. If you map your itinerary out prior to visiting, you are going to make it to all of the destinations you want to visit, and you are also going to save on the cost of the trip that you are taking, when you are in the UK.

Budget holiday –

Even if you are going to see your favorite team, and want to do other activities when you are on a budget, there is no need to limit yourself when you are in Peak District. There are a number of guided travel options and other package deals, which will allow you to do what you want to do, and visit the sites you want to see, without having to over spend to do so, when you are in the UK. As there are quite a few mountains, and other tourist attractions, it is best to plan these out, and find out which ones interest you most, so you can decide on the ones you are going to visit while there. But, if you plan out the itinerary, and find your travel groups early, you can do more, even if you do not have that much to spend when you are there.

With many things to do, and the top team you want to see, you will enjoy Peak District, and your UK visit. Planning out early, and planning all the things you want to do, is the best way to ensure you do it all, and also to ensure you have the funds to do them. With your favorite team, fine hotels, and all accommodations needs in one place, you won’t miss the action, and you won’t over spend during your UK visit.

A Driving Tour Of England’s Beautiful Peak District

A Driving Tour Of England’s Beautiful Peak District

You don’t need to go abroad to see stunning scenery, as there is plenty to enjoy here in the UK. The Peak District has beautiful landscapes and charming villages to explore.

download (27)
Bakewell would be a good starting point for the tour. From here, you can take the A6 in the direction of Matlock. This route will take you towards the spectacular Chatsworth Estate, which is signposted from the A6. You can leave Chatsworth by driving through the village of Pilsley. This route will take you back to the main road. From here, you can head towards Baslow, continuing to the villages of Hathersage, Grindleford and Castleton. You can leave Castleton by turning left up Winnat’s Pass, which will provide you with some amazing views. After driving through the pass, you can head back towards the A6 to return to Bakewell.

If you would prefer not to take your car on holiday, you can hire a vehicle. Rental companies, such as National Car Hire operate in the local area.

There are many places to visit on this route in addition to the highlights mentioned, so the tour could easily take the whole day. You should allow several hours to ensure that you have time to explore.


Before you start the drive, it is worth exploring the town of Bakewell. There is an interesting museum to visit, as well as an attractive church. There are plenty of gift shops in the town, along with cafés and restaurants. You might want to sample some famous Bakewell pudding while you are there.

Chatsworth Estate

You could easily spend a whole day just exploring Chatsworth. There is a house and garden to visit, but there is an entry fee so you will need to make sure that you have enough time to make the most of your visit.

If you do not intend to visit the house and gardens, you can take walk in the extensive grounds. The walk along the river provides excellent views of the house. There are several reasonably priced car parks in the estate which would make good starting points for a walk.

As you leave the estate, you can make a stop at the Chatsworth Farm Shop to buy some local food.


There are plenty of attractions to explore in Castleton. One of the main sights is Peveril Castle, which is located on a hill above the town. There is a small entry fee and a steep climb to the top, but you will be rewarded with good views.

Castleton also has charming gift shops, tea rooms and pubs.

If you have the time, there are several caves in Castleton that you can visit. These are Peak Cavern, Blue John Cavern, Speedwell Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern. Each cavern has something different to offer.

The Peak District has many sights to enjoy, so taking a driving tour is a good way to explore the landscapes and visit the attractive villages. Whether you are interested in exploring historical towns or hiking in the hills, you should find plenty to enjoy.


New Zealand Holiday Homes Rental Tips and Choices

New Zealand Holiday Homes Rental Tips and Choices

Thinking of spending holidays in New Zealand? Are you thinking of a perfect camping site for you and your family to make memories together? Are you planning on renting of a holiday home while you are in Kaikoura, Otago, or Wellington? Maybe a trip in New Zealand is your most awaited adventure of a lifetime? Therefore it is important to find the best accommodation that will pamper you after a day of frolicking around.

images (15)

No matter what would be your reason for the vacation, New Zealand awaits you with its diverse beauty, jagged mountains and rivers and lakes. However, before you embark on your journey, here are some tips you need to know if you find yourself wanting to rent a holiday home in New Zealand ( A home mile away from home is trendy among the tourists and travellers around the world right now. Holiday homes are perfect for those who want to have their own privacy and don’t want the feeling of being at home while still on vacation.

One of the things you need to take note is the location. Work on a bit on where is your destination really is and what will be your iterinary on your whole vacation. Know everything about the place where you want to stay and get information about the people and the culture of the place before renting one.

Location is important in finding the perfect holiday home that will suit your needs and wants. If you wanted some peace and isolation with your family but want to avoid overcrowding, a holiday home in coastal areas is the perfect one for you. It is the best gateway for fishing, whale watch tours, and swimming.

Also, when renting a holiday home, you need to consider your budget. If you have a specific budget in mind, choose the one that provides quality service and good amenities at the right price. Holiday homes differ in prices and it may vary per location and the amenities they provide inside the home. Take note to check the basic amenities such as electricity and communication. Aside from accommodation, you may need to rent a car for hire. Some of the best places to look for a van or a camper are Wilderness Motor Homes ( and snap car rentals (

Resource Box:

New Zealand is a beautiful country frequently visited by tourists from all over the road. When visiting the country, stay at one of the many Holiday Homes in Auckland ( and hire a car from wilderness rentals ( or snap rentals ( to have your freedom of touring the place on your own time and comfort.

Explore the Peak District in Style

Explore the Peak District in Style

There are a hundred good reasons to take a holiday abroad, but anyone who loves the UK knows there are a million reasons to enjoy a vacation in Britain. The spectacular countryside, the iconic landmarks, the warmth of the welcome and the ease of getting around are just some of the advantages, especially during the summer months.

One of the finest holiday regions is located slap bang in the middle of this sceptered isle. The Peak District of Derbyshire is popular with everyone from ramblers looking to explore the scenery to those who just want to relax in a comfy chair and soak up the ambience. There’s so much to see and do here, and it’s suitable for all ages.

download (3)

It’s easy for anyone from the UK and beyond to fly to Manchester and various other nearby airports, and to hire a car to get to the Peak District. Many travellers simply drive to their nearest airport and leave their car with their local I Love Meet and Greet airport parking specialist, allowing them to travel in style and avoid the busy train and bus networks.

Driving around the Peak District gives the motorist a wonderful insight into the beautiful landscapes, and many tourists plan their days to take in the most breath-taking vistas. Sometimes, however, there’s nothing quite like getting up close and personal with the countryside. At times like these, the most sensible option is to get out and walk for a while.

The location of the Peak District makes it ideal for visitors from all over the UK, as well as those travelling from abroad. Using an airport meet and greet service and hiring a car at the other end makes every trip a relaxing, stress-free experience, leaving every tourist with enough energy to really explore this wonderful region in detail.

Whether you choose to stay in one of the larger towns or perhaps in a quiet Peak District village, you can be sure of a friendly welcome. The people of Derbyshire are known for their warmth, and they will do all they can to ensure your holiday is an excellent one. Be sure to get to know the locals, because they are one of the region’s best assets.

The best spots for a picnic in the Peak District

The best spots for a picnic in the Peak District

The Peak District in the centre and north of England is famous for its stunning upland landscape and panoramic views.  The majority of the area is actually in the north of the county of Derbyshire. The Peak District National Park has abundant wildlife and a historic heritage, and is the perfect place for both couples and families to holiday, and also enjoy a little al fresco dining when the weather permits.


Where to go

Visitors to the Peak District will be spoilt for choice. Carsington is a wonderful spot for a picnic, surrounded by beautiful scenery, including a reservoir. Families will find it a perfect place to stop, with an adventure playground and wildlife centre nearby, and also bird hides and water gardens. Carsington has an established picnic area with toilet facilities.

Middel Hume in the Peak District National Park has a dam and reservoir, which covers 76 hectares. This provides an excellent habitat for the native wildlife and plants. There is also a visitor centre, with children’s playground and a large restaurant, with toilet facilities and a gift shop. Walks here are easily accessible.

Hartington is a quaint limestone village sitting in stunning surroundings. This village is centred on the main square, and the pond is a focal point and a popular subject for photographers. Hartington is home to a famous cheese shop and there are the usual collection of village shops and pubs. Radiating out from this village is a network of pretty walks.

For families with imagination, Padley Gorge presents an almost fairy-tale setting with large roaming tree roots, foaming waters and boulders that look as if giants must have put them in position. Here there are shallow streams, perfect for little feet to go paddling in, while adults can relax beneath the trees. The gorge is a perfect habitat for rare birds and insects, interesting to any budding naturalists, while extensive clearings and flat leafy areas make it a perfect spot for a family picnic.

For adults, perhaps on walking or cycling holidays, there are plenty of idyllic places to stop, rest and unpack the picnic hamper. Alsop en le Dale is almost a secret picnic spot, reached via a narrow alley and set amidst a small village comprised of a few houses, a church and an Elizabethan hall. A popular destination for walkers and climbers, it has pretty circular walks that go through the woods.

Monsal Head is one of the most photographed places in England, with a winding river and a steep sided dale. A combination of woodland and rocky outcrops makes for some impressive sights, and the railway viaduct is a great place to stand for a panoramic view of the riverside meadows. There are plenty of visitor facilities at Monsal Head for couples, including a guest house, an hotel, a pub, cafes and shops.

Getting around

There are plenty of places to stay in the Peak District, including hotels and self-catering cottages. Check out last minute hotel deals for bargains.

Despite its rugged and changeable landscape, the Peak District is surprisingly easy to get to and around. Easily accessible by car via major motorways, there is also an extensive public transport network, including bus and train services. Travelling by train in the Peak District will be one of the most relaxing, and scenic, modes of transport for the visitor.

Make Money While You Travel the World – 7 Tips to Keep You on the Move

Make Money While You Travel the World – 7 Tips to Keep You on the Move

Almost a rite of passage for European and Australian youth backpacking around the world for a time after school is more of a fantasy than reality for consumer driven Americans. Here are some tips for anyone who wants to give up the usual time line and take a breather to see the world. Money runs out quickly, it will help to pack an entrepreneurial spirit before you leave and you may find it easy to make money and travel the world.

Make Money While You Travel the World

Make Money While You Travel the World

1.        Picture a Paycheck

You’re taking photos as you travel, why not submit them to stock photography websites. They work as a consignment warehouse for photography used in all sorts of media and will pay you as your photos are purchased for use.

2.      Pick A Peck

Depending on the time of year you can usually get work picking fruit. The money isn’t the best but it will help you stay in shape and you’ll meet other travelers with whom you can share ideas, tips and sometimes expenses. These jobs can be the easiest to find.

3.      Lend A Hand

Call around to local ranches to see if they could use some temporary labor. Ask around at local pubs and lunch places for any odd jobs people know of and as always checking the newspaper is a fallback.

4.      Teach

One of the easiest ways to make money while you travel the world is teaching English to locals is a great option if you speak the language. You won’t get paid a lot but you may get a place to stay and make some lifelong friends.

5.      Share Your Experiences

Try your hand at freelance writing. You can begin by writing articles about what you’re seeing and doing and submitting them to magazines on spec. If they like the articles they will paid by the word (don’t use this to make the articles longer than they need to be, most magazines have limited space for submissions).

6.      World Wide Web

Create a website dedicated to stories and pictures of your adventures. You can keep in touch with family and friends and make money if you sign up with an affiliate program. The way this works is you check out products or stores you know your readers will enjoy and sign up to be a part of their program. You paste a link to their online store on your site and let your readers know that if they plan on making a purchase from that store anyway you will make money if they get to the store via the link on your site, and it costs them nothing extra.  Most of the time your friends would love to help you make money while you travel the world.

7.       WWOOF

WWOOF is a program across the globe, World Wide Opportunities or Organic Farms. You provide a family farm with labor by day and they provide you with a place to stay and an education in organic farming.

How to Get Around New Zealand

How to Get Around New Zealand

In a country with such incredible natural beauty as New Zealand, it only makes sense that the journey is just as great as the destination. Traveling around New Zealand is an adventure in itself, and there are so many options to get you from A to B. Whether you’re an adventurous type or just looking for the most efficient mode of transport, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this list of transportation options in New Zealand:


Hire a Car

If you’d like the freedom of your own transportation at a reasonable cost, consider renting a car. Auckland Car Hire is one company that will provide you a full scale of car rental options. The cost depends on what kind of vehicle you might want; for just a few travelers you can hire a small car, or for a larger family you might need a van or SUV. With a car hire, you’re completely independent to explore the country at your own speed, without the annoying schedule of a packaged tour. Explore places off the beaten path, stop for as long as you like, and enjoy the journey with the windows rolled down!


With New Zealand caravan rentals, you can travel at your own pace with the added bonus that you can literally stay wherever you stop. There are plenty of amazing spots in rugged nature in New Zealand where accommodations might not be available- but this is no problem! Your caravan is perfect equipped for adventurous nights out in nature. Enjoy an independent schedule and spontaneous journey with this type of travel.



On a different side of the spectrum, traveling by bus around New Zealand is well-organized and designed to give you a holiday filled with ease and peace of mind. If you don’t feel like driving during your holiday, just go along for the ride! Relax at one of these great holiday houses and enjoy bus day trips to enjoy the surrounding areas.


If you’re short on time and don’t want to waste days traveling by bus, car or caravan, there’s a good network flights throughout New Zealand. Air New Zealand, the country’s major domestic carrier, has flights covering the entire country and there are also smaller carriers which provide coverage to some of the other outlying islands. So when you want to get from the north island to the south island or visa versa, flights are a great option to get you there quickly.